The Secrets of Product Management Live Weekly Meetup

Every Friday Morning at 8am Pacific Time

(For east coasters that’s 11:00am. For folks in England it’s 4:00pm, it's 5pm in Germany, and 7:30pm in India.)

To be notified of each week's meetup, get on the list using the form below. You'll be notified via email every week with info for next meetup and the link for joining.

Meetup Topics

Depending on who shows up and what people have requested, the meetup could be any of the following:

  • Mastermind (where we process someone's issue)

  • Lean Coffee (where we collaboratively come up with an agenda and discuss it)

  • Discussion about a pre-set topic

  • Training or coaching (typically, but not always, led by me)

  • Ask Me Anything (AMA) (typically, but not always, led by me)

  • And guests are always possibility!

This is a free event (unless it gets really out of hand).

I will host it on my Zoom, and at least some of the sessions will be recorded.

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